Cold Forging Application areas

冷間鍛造 應用領域

About Won-Link 關於萬凌,萬凌工業

About Won-Link 關於萬凌

萬凌從1965年創立至今,對冷鍛技術不斷的自我要求及提升,通過IATF 16949國際汽車品質認證,以最嚴謹品管流程提供最佳的加工品質,在業界深獲肯定,我們加工的零件,遍布全世界的知名品牌汽機車、腳踏車、五金零件等...。


Won-Link is founded since 1965. We improve and perfect our cold forging techniques constantly.
Won-Link has passed IATF 16949:2016 Certification, We have strict quality control flow and provide the best products which are approved by the industry.
We provide the parts in world-wide well-know enterprises of automobiles、motors、bicycles、hardware and so on.

Ability 製程能力

萬凌專精齒軸精密冷間鍛造一體成形及車、銑、鑽、研後製完成加工,獨立自主的製程技術,並以IATF 16949為基礎,在尺寸、規格、模具設定管理,皆能提供您客製化的選擇。

Won-Link has been specialized in complete cold forging process with machining process including lathing, milling, drilling and grinding techniques.
We are enrolled as a member of IATF 16949; performing with precise management in dimensions, specifications, and tooling.

Products 產品,萬凌工業

Products 產品

汽    車:輸出軸、輸入軸、啟動齒輪、齒輪座
機    車:主軸、副軸、後輪軸、連接軸
自行車:腳踏車 BB心軸、內齒環、棘輪
其    它:割草機心軸、傳動軸、傘齒、聯軸器、擊錘(氣動工具)、關門器、前座毛胚(釘槍)


Vechicle:Output Shaft、Input Shaft、Starter Gear、Sleeve
Motor:Spindle、Countershaft、Rear axle、 Connecting Shaft
Bicycle:Mandrel、Internal gear ring、Rachet
Other:Mower mandrel、Transmission Shaft、Coupling、Bevel gear(Electric scooter)、Hammer(Pneumatic tools)