Our product category initially focused on the manufacture of small parts such as bicycles and gas stoves. In the 1980s, we successfully developed the cold forging process of locomotive drive shafts. Since then, we have all kinds of square grooves or involute tooth-shaped hearts. Wanling can produce products that meet the quality requirements of customers. So far, the application scope of the parts and components that have been officially mass-produced covers automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, construction hardware, gardening tools... etc. The customer territory has also expanded from Asia to Europe and the United States. Among them, there are many well-known brands such as Harley-Davidson, Ducati, YAMAHA, Triumph Locomotives... and many other well-known brands. We are also happy to accept the development of new products and attach importance to customers’ Requirements are the driving force for our progress, integrity, innovation and sharing are our philosophy, and it is our responsibility to supply customers with the best components. To become a leader in Taiwan's forging industry is our persistent goal.