Won-Link Industry specializes in gear precision cold forging integrated forming and machining after turning, milling, drilling, and research. With the progress of the times, Wanling Industry has introduced robotic arms to increase production capacity and overcome the manual loading and unloading of traditional processing plants. Limited quantity, and independent mold making technology allows us to have a one-stop production line and provide customized services. From raw materials to shipments, we have standard manufacturing processes and strict quality controls. Our every process is based on IATF 16949. Based on high standards in size, specification and mold setting management, we ensure that we provide customers with the highest quality products.

In recent years, many special machines have been introduced, hoping to maximize daily output and reduce labor costs. The screw parts forming machine introduced in May 2021 also simplified the production process of different machines of the original product into one machine. Production to save costs and save production space is also a major technological breakthrough of Wanling Industry in recent years. This technology is unique to Wanling Industry and is still unheard of in the market.


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